Friday, February 18, 2011

A lovely productive Friday :)

I am having a lovely productive day today. Isn´t it a nice feeling when you manage to get organised and crack on with those little jobs that always seem to be hanging around?!
I have a few hours between classes today and I have manged to get a lot done...including making a very yummy beef steak pie :) Nom..nom...
To top it off - it is a beautiful sunny day!
Tomorrow I am going to my second Calçotada :) what is a Calçotada I hear you ask....? Well, here they grow Calçot´s which are like a cross between leeks and onions I suppose. They barbecue them and cover them in a gorgeous tomato, pine nut and garlic sauce...mmmmmm...
At a Calçotada we eat lots of these as well as sausages, lamb etc etc, practically anything that can be barbecued!!! :) as well as LOTS of alcohol. I will be eating in one day enough food for a week!
I hope the sun stays out for tomorrow as well! :)
Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy! x

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