Monday, April 25, 2011

Help me dress a girl around the world!!!

Reading my fav magazine "Sew Hip" from the UK I stumbled accross an amazing article. The article talked about imagining if a deprived little girl somewhere in the world could have one pretty outfit, just for her to wear - and you made it. Well...with those few words I intently read on! Anyone who, on a personal level knows me (and I am sure anyone who has seen my shop! lol ) knows I am the biggest pink-freak going. I have always been a complete girly-girl, as a small girl I always played with dolls and barbies and I was very fortunate to have some amazing dress makers in my family and I always had amazing dresses for parties, birthdays and just generally to play in. There is something special about a girl and her party dress :) So seeing this article I felt a real need to read on.

Hope 4 women aims to provide girls in developing and poverty stricken countries their very own pretty dress. Brightening up their lives when they very rarely get the chance to own something of their own! The idea is to get a group of you together and run up some "Pillowcase dresses" and send them off to the charity and they will donate and give them out to the countries they are working in (currently Uganda). Of course you can donate as well!!! They are always looking for extra donations as all of this sorting, delivering and ground work is done on donations (and I imagine a lot of wonderful people!) So here´s what I am doing....

I am going to be making as many of these dresses (simple pattern found the website): and I am going to be asking as many of my sewing friends as I can to help me run up as many as we can so I can send off a big parcel full of them :)

(They have to go to the US) If you would like to donate a dress to help, you can do so by sending it to me before the end of May 2011 (contact me for postage details) or go on the website and send it direct to them and likewise with any donations you wish to give! I will be doing a giveaway shortly linking in "Dress a girl around the world" to see what else we can do for them. Let´s spread some love and see how far our arms can stretch! :) :) :)

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