Monday, June 14, 2010


Sorry I haven't been on here for while...
believe me, it's not my intention!
:) The day job is totally getting in the way!!! Goo old end of term exams taking u too much of my time! :(

My good friend Sarah back in the UK dropped me an email and told me to keep the blogs this one's for you hun! :) OH! and Etsy's the future babe!

Nothing much to report...unfortunately I haven't had any time to do any kind of crafty things :( Rubbish...Rubbish...Rubbish) but one more week of term to go and then I can sew to my hearts content! :)

Yesterday I went with the girls for a picnic in Vacarisis (about 15 mins away from me) and we got a beautiful day to enjoy! I have attached a photo of Lucy and Helen enjoying the stream :)

Char at this point had clearly had one too many glasses of vino and a little too much sun...she was sleeping on a rock! :)
Anyway - thanks for the inspiration Sarah! and Happy-end-of-Monday everyone! :)

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