Sunday, February 14, 2010

Designing some new lovely things...

Happy Valentines day everyone! (Although we kinda' celebrated yesterday! lol) I have spent the day doing (very lazily) what I love to do most.....creating! :)

I have an order to complete and I hought...hey while I am it!! :) I had the blinds open as it was such a lovely sunny day!

I am working on a Mother's Day range which are coming along nicely.

I am also incredibly pleased with myself for making the two canvas' for my lounge :) They look sooooooooo funky and have a matching floor cushion as well. I am so pleased with them...I was goig through a zero inspiration dry spot last week, and now I feel overfull!!!! I am looking round the flat at different things I can do......I am tempted now to paint some flowers on my very white walls!!!! It's almost too tempting!! Lol :)

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