Friday, March 12, 2010

Snow..? In March...? IN BARCELONA???

Crazy week..... and crazy weather to match!

It's been one of those weeks that has been crazy, very strange things have happened...and unfortunately most of them horrid. Firstly, we started with this mad snow shower that covered Catalunya and left a lot of our teachers stranded in Terrassa, and not able to go home to Barcelona, resulting in two of the teachers bunking up at ours! Fun but a little bit stressful!

Then I found out my auntie had passed away, something I was devastated about, and am taking one day at a time. But it has been a funny week because of all of these things. Ever since my aunts passing lots of strange but lovely things have been happening...just daft things like getting on a course that was practically impossible...and I am thanking her for this. I feel she is trying to send me signs. I take comfort in this. I think a relaxed and crafty weekend is needed...hopefully I will have lots to show you in a few days time!! :)

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